Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Design meeting

Happy CNY! We held our design meeting just now at the Toy Factory office; wish I'd brought my camera so I could show off how gorgeous our set designer and lighting and multimedia designers are (even the orchestra is beautiful, bee-yatch).

So it seems that we'll be using a traverse stage, with video projections on the floor (anyone know a good formica deal?). We may no longer have our lingerie sponsorship; if anyone knows a tofu-producing sponsor, that would be great too.

And we'll be seating 160 people per night. That's 160 seats we want to sell out every night. And 160 X 15 performances = 2,400 bums in seats... gee willikers, that's a lot of vacancies!

I don't know if I'm more scared that the reviews will be too kind or too nasty. Loretta says: if they critics don't like it, they should lie and then tell her in private.

Ah, Loretta. She's fifty times more fabulous than I.

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