Thursday, January 18, 2007


(Just 'cos I thought you'd like to know:)

Annabel Chong burst into history in 1994 in a world-record 10-hour gangbang with 251 men. The first porn star to come out of Singapore, she became one of the most internationally recognised Singapore icons, right next to the Merlion and Tiger Balm. With her unique brand of feminism, she became the focus of feverish media attention and a controversial public figure, not least because she represented an otherwise conservative country.

Haunted by her memories of home, history, her strict religious upbringing, she struggles to reinvent herself as Grace Quek, the digital diva and matrix mistress. Join us on this racy journey set amidst the landscape of her boudoirs, sleazy studios, raunchy strip clubs, porn parties and the constantly evolving world of cyberspace.

(And of course, by the third draft, everything will change again...)

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