Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Yesterday we did interviews with Today (should be getting a front cover story soon!) and with 8-Days - just us girls: Cynthia, Cheryl, Amy, Loretta and me. I do have some shots of my own, but my new Yashica camera refuses to upload pics onto a computer (it says it's supposed to be plug'n'play... what's with that?). Youtube rejects my videos, too. Technologically cursed, I am. Sorry for the lack of media.

Similarly, the mysterious post below was removed 'cos the Esplanade doesn't want us discussing their negotiations with the MDA on how much of the script we'll have to cut and how much to preserve - we'll probably come through whole in the end; doncha worry, and if we do get cut that'll be entirely in keeping with the theme of porn, won't it? :)

But seriously, there are important people at the top who've made concerned phonecalls to us to politely suggest changes to the play. I'm touched, I truly am - such people truly believe in the transformative power of art.

Anyway, this is just a li'l note to let my friends know that I can get a 10% employee discount for them if they buy through me - drop me an e-mail with the date you wanna come and I'll book ahead. Sorry, buckeroos; friends only - how else am I gonna know if you'll pay me back?

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