Thursday, March 8, 2007

Trans Crypt

I've been extremely remiss about updating this blog. For one thing, the webchat transcript is recorded here:

Some memorable quotes:

Dutch: For me, I was curious when I heard that we produced a porn star in the US. Later when I knew more abt her background, did I *silently* thank her for showing the world that it is not only boring old Bureacrats running a country of 4 mil zombies. WE CAN SHOCK TOO

kalidas: I agree with DUTCH

kalidas: but dont give heart attack lah


F_ggie: Loretta what would you say to 18year olds who come and see your play & themselves have asperiations to be like her, maybe they'll try for 252?


Loretta: have i seen 9 songs? no tell me about it. i want to watch it

Mouse: it really blurs the line btween porn and art

Mouse: ts 69 (lol) minutes of two people ****ing


F_ggie: Loretta, before you leave do we get complimentry passes for helping advertise; )

Loretta: comp passes? compliment me first!

Incidentally, kids, Loretta's a DIRECTOR. Although she did do a lot of producer work this time round, corralling up sponsors like Okamoto (yay! Safer sex is hot sex!).

Some photos coming up...

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