Saturday, April 7, 2007

Tammy NYP

Let's talk about Tammy NYP for a second. Yeah, the Nanyang Poly girl who used her cellphone camera to film herself having unprotected sex with her boyfriend in mid-Feb 2006, and then had her image go online after her handphone was stolen. That Tammy.

Wikipedia's got a rather good log of the progress of the video - from IM links to blogs to international mainstream media and iPods, holding up as one of 20 most popularly searched terms for two weeks. Of course, there was the usual chorus of outraged dismay at the shamelessness of the girl (not at her boyfriend, who should've worn a condom, nor at the enemy who stole her phone). Mr Miyagi did an an article commenting on it all for Today newspaper. Even TalkingCock did a spoof video on Youtube.

In a rather absorbing CNET article, Tammy was even described as having "dethroned Annabel Chong". This despite the fact that she was not a "porn actress", and had never intended to disseminate herself. However, the everydayness of Tammy - quite different from the celebrity of Paris Hilton - was a wake-up call for Singaporeans. Guess what, guys. You know that sex thing? Everyone's doing it.

For the sake of Tammy's face, however, this seems like a good time to let her speak for herself - or at least someone claiming to be her, wielding a machinima mask. Does the unwilling legend truly talk back? Who knows? In any case, it's a rather piquant document.


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