Sunday, April 8, 2007


Guess what? Today (Saturday) we were really good.

Yeah, I know people thought Thursday and Friday's performances were decent, but Loretta and I were always picking on the actors for not being loud enough, not being fast enough on their feet to provide a tight, professional performance. This afternoon, at the 3pm matinee, we were finally satisfied, and the 8pm show's acting was just as good - enhanced by an extra Hokkien one-liner by Lee Weng Kee, which I'll have to document in a final, publishable script.

Paul Lucas asked me if it was as if I finally saw my play onstage as I'd intended. Oddly, I realised this wasn't the case at all - I go to the theatre prepared to have my words recast in a context in which they're unrecognisable as my own. And Loretta's cuts did work - we have a production I'm proud of.

Of course, this is bad news for those of us (yes, me included) who can't get tickets for ourselves or our loved ones. I've put my name on Sistic's waiting list, but I'm not hopeful - today even Royston Tan called up to ask for tickets and we had to say no. One guy stood outside and watched the entire show on the Theatre Studio latecomers' monitor. Fetishism gone mad, I tell you. Everyone wants a piece of the lady.

Another odd thing about our audiences: the regular theatre crowd we know and love just aren't there. They dragged their feet buying tickets; instead, non-theatregoers provoked by our libidinous publicity shots snapped up the lot - so we're mostly performing to newcomers to the world of live drama. That means there's extra pressure on us to put up a good show - which we have done today. God; let's hope the actors aren't tired out by tomorrow.

Anyway, if you can't make it for a 251 show, or you've got an extra ticket - e-mail me! Or call Sistic, because there's loads of people on their waitlist who'd kiss your toes for the opportunity. Much love!

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