Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Meet the (s)crew

You've already met the cast (or if you haven't, see this previous entry). But what about the stalwart workers behind the scenes... the crew, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!!!

I got a number of (bad) photographs of us at the first run rehearsal about a month ago; many apologies for my tardiness in only uploading them now. This is me trying to capture the plenitude of our creative staff in audience using a very abd Yashica camera and a mirror.

Meet the inimitable Yo Shao Ann, our lighting designer in funky glasses (kena nominate for best lighting in this year's Life Theatre Awards!) and our costume designer Lai Chan (he's pizza-faced because he's undergoing laser treatment for his acne - don't worry, soon he'll be as smooth as a baby's buttocks, but much more legally fuckable).

This is our set designer, Ripple Sim (also known as Nipple, or - my personal preference - Mul-Ripple Orgasm). She's the cutest one of us, IMHO! 20 years old only... and her boyfriend's just as yummy.

Fran Borgia and Ho Tzu Nyen (not pictured) are our multimedia designers - they just did a brain-boggling conceptual art lecture/performance entitled "King Lear: The Avoidance of Love" at the Esplanade for Sparks 4. Fran is Spanish, and also very fuckable, even though Loretta finds Tzu Nyen even more so (this, coming from a big lesbo, is quite a compliment). Sadly, Fran is straight, and Tzu Nyen's married to a woman. So we'll have to be content on deriving virtual, intellectual stimulation from these young men; pleasures of the mind, alas, must be sublimated from the flesh.

(Update: turns out that Fran has a personal taboo against replication of his image [helas! That such beauty should wither without documentation!] so I've censored him, gracefully.)

Desmond Chen is our choreographer. Do we have a covergirl/boy ensemble or what?

One of our make-up girls, Anizah. (I have to get photos of the others! And is there a PC way to say make-up girl? Cosmetician?)

This guy - Megah Laksana Ashari - was originally supposed to be our multimedia operator, but that job's gone to a student named Tham Pui Yen now. (I had to leave the picture in - how many real afros are there in Singapore?)
Finally, our Production Manager Hatta's in the upper right-hand corner. Loretta's brainstorming with us over Ripple's set design, which I'll be seeing for the first time in full-scale tonight at the full-dress.

And of course, we needed fuel from Maxwell Food Centre to help us think creatively. Singaporeans run on their stomachs.

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