Saturday, April 14, 2007

O Fortuna

Also known as a reason to condemn us for witchcraft as well as smut. :)

At the retreat we held two months ago before rehearsals began, we ended up reading each other's fortunes on Tarot cards. As Loretta had already read my fortune following the second draft, I got Cheryl Miles to do a reading based on the question, "How will 251 go?"

Here is what she said:

1. 7 of Pentacles. Patience. There's a lot of love, a lot of effort from many different people going into this play.

2. The World. Growth and potential, honesty, influencing ideas through the play, creating a new world.

3. Ace of Pentacles, influencing the heart. Contentment of soil.

4. 10 of Pentacles, influencing the head. Wealth of ideas.

5. 10 of Cups, describing the recent past. A very enlightened project of great harmony.

6. The Magician, describing the near future. Male genius principle. ;)

7. The High Priestess, describing myself. I am the one who looks inward.

8. 6 of Cups, influencing events. Nostalgia.

9, 9 of Swords, hopes and fears. Radical change.

10. The Fool, outcome. The young one, revelling into the beauty of life, stepping into the unknown.

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