Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Postcards from the wings

Welcome to the sordid world of behind-the-scenes at the Esplanade Theatre Studio.

Aiyah, not so sordid lah. As you can see, Loretta's finally become more relaxed in her post-mortem sessions with the cast and crew.

What may be regarded as more sordid are the props we use for this play. Yeah, the wig helps Paul Lucas to look temporarily un-botak. And you see those diamantes on the strap-on dildos? I glued some of them on myself! See, I'm literary AND artistic!

Another look at the props table, in less rosy light. That monitor up in the corner gives a live view of whatever's happening on stage at the time. That's how I got to witness Loretta's proclivities for using "Blow Wind Blow" as a warm up game.

And a final shot of Anizah rushing over Amy's make-up. Break a leg, guys - Monday, our day of rest is OVER.
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