Thursday, April 12, 2007

Meat the (s)crew Part Too

Here're the photos of our as-yet-unphotographed crew from Harry's depicted our fatigued but still fuckable crew (Robin Loon just scolded me for using the word "fuckable" too many times in this blog, and I'm eager for his accusation not to be made in vain).

Actually hor, we were supposed to have our shots in the programme, but since Fran's photophobic (yeah I know that's used incorrectly), we decided to leave out our faces in unison. So instead, meet us in our least dignified poses:

Though they aren't credited in your little red booklet, Cynthia Sim and Rydwan Anwar have been vital forces in getting the play staged. She's the Finance and Admin Executive at Toy, and he's a Programming Officer at Esplanade, attached to our play. Poor him.

Another camera-shy personality, Fiona Lim is our terribly capable wardrobe mistress. (We sewed the diamantes on the dildo straps together!). Turns out Fiones used to be an actress, so she believes she needs make-up before she looks presentable. But that would be to gild the lily.

More young and pretty people. Here're Tham Phui Yen, the multimedia operator (who twiddles the tech so the numbers pop on and off the monitors at the right times) and Desmond Foo Wei Lun, the sound operator. They're both in Poly.

From left to right, June Wong, sole member of the stage crew (yep, she's the one rushing back and forth with the penknives and tofu and bloodied chains and other sex toy props), Nureen Raidah, Assistant Stage Manager (who also doubles as make-up artiste), and Stanley Ng, Stage Manager. Stanley's particularly invested in this project, because Loretta is his teacher at LaSalle. Apple polisher. Bootlicker. Pai ma pi. (Why does every insult sound like a sexual innuendo on this blog?)

You've seen Desmond Chen, choreographer, before in my previous post about our very cute and snoggable crew (time for adjective variation, donchathink?). But beside him is Eleine Ng, one of the cast - our only chorus member, whom we dragged into this production in its final stages when it became apparent that we needed more bodies on the floor.

I still have no pictures of sound designer Don Richmond and multimedia designer Ho Tzu Nyen. But I'll get them eventually, doncha worry.

Incidentally, my folks came tonight, with much apprehension. My father was nonplussed, but my mother loved it - better than my previous works. I think it was the boobies that made the difference. Thanks to everyone for making my parents proud (at least my mum lah!).

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