Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Life!, Tuesday April 10, 2007, p8

Ignatius Low, money editor, has a viewpoint piece in today's Life! about what it was like to view 251 when he knew Grace Quek personally - in fact, he was one of the seven people who witnessed her exorcism, which, as he points out, was not forced upon her (a fact that I didn't quite realise till I read this really good interview with her by Amy Goodman on Nerve.com). Still, it's interesting that he doesn't recall their cell-group as fundamentalist or anything but "happy-clappy".

The title of Low's article is "Fable that's blurry around the edges" (other people write the headers lah), and he says he enjoyed it despite the differences - "Cynthia Lee Macquarrie, cast in the title role, managed to capture any of Grace's defining attributes - how she could be playful and a coquette and yet be serious and idealistic." He's also quite positive about the ideals of the play as a whole - "It's about the anger, loneliness and self-doubt that a Singaporean always feels when taking the path less-travelled."

He also mentioned that other contemporaries of Quek snapped up tickets to examine me. Wah lau, now I'm really nervous. I suppose I have to be glad that Loretta decided not to have us do a Q&A afterwards.

UPDATE: Even better - turns out that it was Ignatius's article on Annabel Chong as National Icon all those months back which prompted Loretta to renew her efforts to have this play created.

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