Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Queer eyes

Incestuously, I've got my gay and lesbian homies down to do reportage on 251 on the pan-Asian queer website Fridae.com and Singapore's "juiciest" gay-themed podcast, Queercast.

Fridae news editor Sylvia Tan's done a news story and e-mail interview with us, here. Watch out - Loretta and I typed our mouths off.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Deroose (whom I profiled in SQ21) agreed to do an interview with us for Queercast last Saturday... Sorry about the sound quality; I got hungry and Loretta was late, so we were munching at Glutton's Square... then Lor and I had to rush off to "King Lear: The Avoidance of Love", a performance lecture/experiment by our multimedia designers Ho Tzu Nyen and Fran Borgia, featuring our actress Amy Cheng... wah lau, the arts community here is damn small, man!

Anyway, the podcast itself is here. Enjoy!

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